Who is Kris Koster?

My occupation is filmmaker which I have been involved in for over 17 years. I became interested in binary options when researching for a program that discusses practices people try on their journey to discover wealth.

Binary options trading is of peculiar interest because (to my mind) it appears on the verge of gambling, yet there are many who argue it isn’t. Some even appear to make a pretty good living out of it. “Once strategies are applied,” they say.

My mission with this blog is to try out binary options for myself. Giving it a completely unbiased and informed shot at it. I plan to research it in depth, watch YouTube videos, consider the hype, look at all the strategies that have been implemented by others, try various brokers and give my best educated attempt at getting it right.

Join me on this blog where I will share my experiences from day one, reveal all my failings and my successes (if I have any!) and I promise faithfully to be truthful from the beginning. What have I got to lose? Only money!