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Apr 18 Independent Review

I have been intending for sometime to write a review of one of my favourite binary options broker platforms. This is a completely independent review, I am not being paid to write this and I’m not sure they need the endorsement either. I don’t think Stockpair even have an affiliate program. I’m writing this to help visitors to this site recognise what a good broker platform is when they see one! – Independent Review

When I started trading binary options, which seems such a long time ago now, being very raw to the scene meant I was game to try any platform without considering if they were any good or not. I now have a long list of different broker platforms tried and tested over a significant period… Most of them have about £1.20 left from a trading balance that had been probably as high as £5,000 when I started with them! Sound familiar?

24Option, Banc de Binary, TradeRush, Goptions, 99Binary, Beeoptions, Cedar Finance, Anyoption, GToptions, Marketsworld and Ubinary are just some of the brokers I have deposited in and traded with. Some are better than others in that list. 24Option wasn’t too bad in my eye, and I also liked 99binary before they changed their setup (but that’s another story). The rest turned out to be garbage (for me, anyway). Some people have done well with Marketsworld and rave about it – I had a reasonable experience with them I suppose.

The ‘Spread’ Factor

It was over twenty weeks ago now that I came across Stockpair. I was desperate to find a broker platform that didn’t cheat on pricing. I was getting fed up with spreads everywhere I looked on every platform. What are spreads? Spreading is when your binary options broker is giving you their own ‘invented’ market price on an open trading position that is unfavourable to the direction you chose – It may only be a few pipettes, but those pipettes could make all the difference between win or lose. Many of the top platforms are guilty of this practice. I remember having two positions open on Banc de Binary for the same asset but with different expiries. There before my very eyes, both positions had two independent ‘live’ market prices!! The odds are already stacked against us, so I feel spreading is an ugly practice which is unfair and unnecessary in binary options.

A refreshing change

Stockpair had been recommended to me several weeks before I tried them. At the time I was mastering my 60-second trading technique on – I had deposited £200 with 99binary and was withdrawing £2,500 from there when I decided to give Stockpair a try. I had been happy with 99binary, until they started introducing a 1- to 2-second delay before starting your 60-second trade… at a market price that had moved on nearly 2 seconds also (hugely critical with 60-second trading).

I have to say, I had been as skeptical with Stockpair as I had been with all the rest, so I put them through their paces also. But I thought it to be a refreshing change to find a broker that ticked most, if not all the boxes. Let’s have a look at those boxes…


Nearly all brokers love to give you a ‘golden handshake’ of “free” cash along with your deposit… Until you sign their agreement and discover that once their bonus is added to your deposit/trading balance, you’re locked in (ie. no withdrawals INCLUDING your original deposit) until you have traded at least 30 times the volume of their bonus money (or more in many cases now – I’ve learnt today that BeeOptions require 45 times the bonus cash before any withdrawal is possible).

At Stockpair, they do bonuses differently. Let’s say they offer you 100% bonus on your first deposit with them. If you deposit £750, then they match that with £750 bonus money. However, that money does not immediately get added to your trading balance. You can view that money in a different place under ‘your account’ – Next to the £750 bonus, you will see £22,500 – Which is the volume you must generate to release that money into your trading balance for withdrawal. As you trade, you will notice the £22,500 continue to drop – You know exactly how much volume you need to trade to release the bonus cash.

Why do they do this? Stockpair don’t like to “lock” you in with them. Rightly so, it’s your money and you should be allowed to withdraw it whenever you like. If you decide the platform isn’t for you, you can withdraw it all and forget the bonus money – Or you can stay and watch the volume requirement drop until the 22.5K becomes zero and that £750 drops automatically into your account – Lovely! What a great idea.

Watch out though, if you ever take a “risk free” trade bonus. It’s all automatic – If you win the risk free trade – no problem – no ties, it’s all yours. If you LOSE the risk free trade, the trade is refunded directly back into your trading balance… BUT, you will now notice in your account details that there is a pending amount for the refunded cash – You must trade 30 times the volume of that refunded amount back for the cash to be truly yours. If you do withdraw before you’ve cleared it, you are warned that by initiating the withdrawal, that refunded risk free trade becomes null and void and is subtracted from your trading balance before a withdrawal is made. (I made that mistake and there was no going back!)

Still, I really love the bonus deals on Stockpair and to date I have taken over £4,000 in bonus money from them! Free cash? Love it!!

Market Pricing Fairness

No spreading on Stockpair – Can you believe it? I couldn’t – I’ve tried to catch them out, but no – no, no, no – No spreading. Awesome. I have run some tests and being a 60-second trader, ever pipette counts, but I could not see spreading.

HOWEVER, my eagle eye has found one naughty thing they do and (as I am not being paid to endorse them), I don’t mind sharing it with you now. By now I have over 20 weeks experience on Stockpair and more than 7,000  60-second trades… So you can imagine that I know their platform inside and out like the backs of my hands. Very often during the Asian session, or periods of low volatility, they have a little knack of catching some people out. It’s kinda hard to explain, so bear with me…

Say an asset you are intending to trade slips down several pipettes and you get in on that trade at the exact same time, hoping it will continue on down in the same southerly direction during those 60 seconds. If the asset STOPPED right there, but does NOT move back up, Stockpair price will often cheekily step back up one pipette anyway and stick there. Of course if price does set off again down, Stockpair will follow – But in times of low volatility where market price just stops for a minute or more, you can find yourself losing a lot of those by that cheeky single pipette step up.

The only other thing I notice happening that I’m not too fond of is also during low volatility. The granular movement can change from single pipettes to a few pipettes – Ie. price could start moving in ‘clumps’ when volatility is really low. On my OANDA charts, I can clearly see market price movement (only one or two pipettes at a time), but Stockpair stays put until there is more significant movement. I should say that I haven’t noticed this happen a lot, but it does occasionally. That said, it *can* help you not to lose just as much as it can help you to win (ie. if price goes against you slightly).

To be fair to Stockpair, I have invited them to comment on this practice. Their response is rather typical, which is, “Stockpair presents the (bid+ask)/2 market price based on a multiple source feed. Currency prices, by nature, slightly differ between sources as there is no centrelized market.”

As you might have gathered, I’m extremely sensitive about fair market pricing absent of spreads and to summarise, Stockpair are the best I have found to be in this category.


Something Stockpair does that no other broker has the nerve to – Cashback. What is cashback? Essentially it is a return of cash on the amount of volume you have traded, given back to you at the end of every month – for free. They have three main programs. Their ‘Gold’ account gives you 1% back of every trade you make. You need to have totaled/made a minimum £5000 in deposits (can be accumulated over time from smaller deposits, not necessarily all in one go). Then, on the last day of the month, your account balance has to have a minimum of £2000 in it and you need to have generated at least £25,000 in volume in any given month.

They also have Platinum (2% cashback) and VIP (3% cashback) programs too. Free money at the end of every month – Lovely! I generated £53,000 worth of volume last month. It’s a nice bonus to get free £530 drop into my account on the first day of the month.


Stockpair Cashback

Fast Withdrawals

Most brokers advertise ‘same day withdrawals’ but in practice, they can take weeks. From memory, it took almost a month to get my 99binary profits from them. Although I think they had a genuine problem at the time. 24Option are not much better, I had been waiting at least a couple of weeks for my withdrawal to happen.

Stockpair are better. They don’t have same day withdrawals (at least in practice they don’t). It can take anywhere from 2 days to 1 week to process. I have a Skrill account and find the best method is to have my withdrawals made to my Skrill account. The Skrill account is credited instantly once your withdrawal request is finally actioned by Stockpair and my withdrawal from Skrill into my personal bank account takes little more than 12 hours.

They don’t have a problem withdrawing pure profits either. I have been trading with a profit-made-only account for months now and make regular profit-only withdrawals. At the time of writing, I have personally generated more than $20,000 profit from Stockpair and they seem quite happy for me to continue.












  1. Jim /

    Hey cool article. I am curious would you be willing to share the trading system you use on stock pair to make $20,000. You mentioned a 60 sec style. Is that the one you used? I would be happy to pay if needed. But on a separate note great site. Thanks of the info.

  2. Andy M /

    I have been using Stock Pair for just over a month for live trading and for the most part like them very much (although I haven’t actually made a withdrawal yet, so we’ll see :o) ). My question is that lately, when trading 1min BOs, when I click “Buy” I get an error message “Due to market conditions, transaction could not be completed. Try again late.” quite often. Sometimes if I click Buy again right away, I get the trade, but sometimes I don’t and by then the price usually has moved too far to take the trade anymore. In the last week or so, I have been unable to take about 6-7 trades; to add insult to injury, those trades would have all won. Their customer service don’t have much useful to say: there was a problem receiving the trade info or I have a bad internet connection. Neither of these make any sense as they say due to MARKET CONDITIONS …. so it has to do with the market not my internet connection (which is excellent).
    Have you experienced anything like this? Any suggestions on how I might handle the problem?


  3. Lafayette /

    Hey Kris

    I have enjoyed your site for about a year. You are a real help to new traders like my self and for that I thank you. I too have been using Stockpair and many of the benefits that you have mentioned are very true ( the fast withdrawals and cash back offers. Also your readers might want to know that Stockpair has increased its return percentage. For example 60 second trading was around 70% but now it is 82%. Also 5min trading is 78% up from 72%. This is very good and I am yet to find another broker that gives returns this high. But sadly like Alan said, the customer service is not very good. They are very impatient and when I have even had chat sessions disconnected (maybe it was a bad connection but I don’t think so.) All in all they are pretty good and the platform is very user friendly. Again thanks Kris and I will keep watching your site for updates.

  4. Hey Guys,

    I also traded with Stockpair and as the author says at the 60 sec options (and as I’ve seen that, not only) there is always a trade slip: so basically if you enter “down”, their price will show in the beginning to go up! so be very careful with this! and as the author has written, if the trend is not strong, you will most likely lose the trade. You can check if the trend is strong (or is getting stronger) if the ADX indicator passes it’s value of 25 (or even higher).

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