Binary Options Happy Hour

Mar 02

Binary Options Happy Hour

 I  t’s late at night (okay – So we’re talking GMT here), and the market traders have gone to sleep or spending some quality time with their dogs and 2.4 children (or just gone down the pub). There’s hardly any volatility in the market, it’s slow – Nothings happening, and you’re ready to hit the sack yourself. But wait – What if I was to tell you that even during these dull slow moving markets, there are fantastic opportunities to earn yourself a lot of winning trades with a little patience and oodles of comfort food…

Binary Options Happy Hour

Here is a strategy I picked up playing around during the quiet moments of the market – Welcome to Happy Hour, or ‘Zombie Hour’ as I like to call it.

This is a ranging strategy. In other words, it is only successful when the asset is ranging between two points over a period of time. It’s one of my favorites to pick up some extra cash, especially if I’ve had a losing day. I’ve had a lot of success with it, but there are issues to watch out for. I’ve even made a video to show you a live trade of working this strategy in action.

‘Zombie Hour’ is when all except for Sydney exchanges are closed but the market is still open. There’s very little volatility, very little movement in the market. There are no ‘market makers’ manipulating the market, they’re home with their wives and kids – The ‘bots’ are left to look after the markets which employ algorithms to stem some movement in the price. However, the shift works out to be a pattern, especially on the 15 minute time frame (TF) chart.

Many traders don’t trade during this period – Even scalpers would have a problem making anything at all due to the very slight movements. However, as Binary Options traders, we don’t need lots of pips to make money, we just need to be right by the smallest point or blip! This is what makes this technique especially interesting and rewarding.

Remember that Happy Hour usually happens when the exchanges are shut or in their hours of slow business, so the best time for me to trade doing this is about 22:00 GMT until about midnight just before the Asian market opens. London and New York are closed and only Sydney is open. Although, you can continue to find forex pairs on throughout the Asian session that exhibit this same behavior.

What to look for

During Happy Hour, what we are looking for is a range of 15 minute candles that are all fairly neatly stacked next to one another, preferably with nice extruding wicks extending top and bottom. You need at least several candles to identify and confirm the confined boundaries of the range. I recommend you watch the video below to learn more on identification and confirmation.

When to take the trade

You have your 15 minute MT4 window up and watching the chart like a hawk. You also have your broker page up next to it, signed in, asset up, direction already in, trade size already in – So you are ready to pounce.

The idea is that you wait it out until the price moves to either extent of its current path and then quickly place a ‘call’ or ‘put’ in the opposite direction. By taking it on the extremities, you give yourself the best possible chance of a win as the price then begins to settle back into its favored routine. You need lots of patience for this. You need to be watching the candle for the entire 15 minutes and waiting for the point that it peaks or troughs outside of its normal working range.

What’s also good is that you can also take it on the other extreme boundary for an opposite trade. This is especially useful since, should the range break during your trade, you will severely limit the damage of the trade going wrong.

Words of caution

  1. You need to be aware that the price can break out of this range during any of the 15 minute periods. The chances of it happening on your very first one are small. But if you win the first, you may as well continue on subsequent candles until the price does eventually break. Hopefully you will have caught it enough times to be profitable in the time before it eventually breaks the pattern. You can also limit the damage of this happening by trying to ‘hedge’ your trade in on both sides of the boundary if possible. However, in my experience, this is rarely possible as it usually only touches one of the extremeties during the 15 minute period.
  2. Some of the brokers have become aware of this practice and have severely limited the options and the times you can trade them. My guess is that they lose a lot of money on these types of trades as they can be very effective. However there are still many brokers that offer the options during the time periods. I’m still doing it

In the video below I demonstrate this practice and open up a live trade so you can see it performed in action. The video is best viewed in HD (open it to full page view and select a resolution size of 1080p or 720p). It’s hard to watch otherwise.


  1. Jon Beets /

    Thanks for all your strats. I have had great success with the Dynamic Zone RSI strat and will be trying this one soon.

  2. Jon Beets /

    I just tried two trades using this strategy and they both closed ITM.

  3. Jason /

    You are so right about your statement. I have also noticed I make a lot of winning trade during those quiet times. I can make technical analysis and it will go accordingly. I live in the UK and its odd to stay that late but I am used to it now.

  4. G Mon /

    Okay, now I found where the comment section to this vid is! Make sure to read my other post that I posted on the Dynamic Zone Strategy page too.

    Another way to trade this is to use 24Option’s “In Range” Boundary/Range mode when the markets are in a very tight slow-moving range.

    [Admin Edit – Included G Mon’s post from other thread here in right place:]

    Another thing that you can do for the Zombie Hour strategy is to use 24Option’s Boundary/Range feature and if you sense that for at least the next 30 minutes to an hour that the asset is going to be sleepwalking in a very tight range, just measure out the top price and the bottom price of that range and then check to see if the asset fits into that range on 24Option’s price and select the “In Range” mode and you should win a lot of Zombie trades that way.

    And if it’s fluctuating like crazy from high to low, if you wanted to risk it you could choose “Out of Range” but I have had more success with Range/Boundary options by choosing “In Range” when the markets are slow, squeezed, consolidating or sleeping.

    I believe “Out Range” Boundary options could work great for Commodity/Metal options like Gold and Silver because they bounce around a lot going up and down, up and down.

    Could you also send me all of the indicators that you were using on your Zombie Hour video like that QQE Adv and that metering indi that you had on your chart.

    Thanks :)

  5. i like this and have 70% itm in slow markets…whats the indicator on the 15 minute chart to the right?

  6. Jonathan /

    Please guys I had a strong moving idea and I will like us to think over it.
    Lbinary offers over 500% payout on ‘onetouch’ option and a unit costs $50. So placing both trades in call and put direction cost a total of $100.
    You would agree with me that one of the conditions will be met at the expiry time and we get paid about $260.
    Profit= $260(payout) – $100(total investment)
    Please guys, is this a good trading technique or am I the one who got how the onetouch option work wrong?

  7. Jonathan /

    oops! The one-touch option isn’t like the regular call/put trade as I had earlier presumed.
    When trading the one-touch option, the price has to hit a pre-set target.

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